A Poignant Scene from Scripture


“Let’s analyze this scene from Scripture from Bethlehem.

The God who created the universe is now a helpless baby inside the universe He created. . . the Almighty became the weakest of beings. . . the hands that stretched out the heavens now too weak to even grasp the hand of His mother. . .  the eyes that see all things can barely focus. . .  the mouth that spoke the universe into existence now can only offer up the cry of a helpless baby.  How amazing is that?  It is the miracle of love. . . the humility of love. . . and the miracle of limitation.

God is omnipresent, everywhere at once.  But in the incarnation He became limited to time and space, to only one point of space and to only one moment in time.  God is universal, the Light of the World, the spring of all existence.  Yet now He became limited to one culture, one people, one tribe, one house, one genealogy, one family, one life.  The universal God of all existence becomes a Jewish baby, a Jewish boy, then a Jewish rabbi, walking in sandals on the ground and dust of first-century Judea. 

In order to know the power of God’s love, you have to receive it specifically from Him and specifically to you.  In turn, your love and actions must be poured out to others as you live out your faith on earth.”

From:  The Book of Mysteries, by Jonathan Cahn