All Are Appointed by God


In the life of a Christian, everything that comes is appointed by God.

Everything, large, small, significant, or seemingly insignificant are holy ministers, all sent to accomplish the purposes of God and bring us to the appointed place.

You probably never thought of your problems as being appointed ministers to your life.  But for the child of God, everything: the good, the bad, the joys, the sorrows, the problems, the defeats, the wounds, the rejections, the losses, the past, all things are appointed.  Each is an appointed minister to bring about His purposes, His blessings, His calling and His destiny in your life.   So be blessed!

That which you thought were your problems, will, in the end, be revealed as the holy ministers of God, ordained to bring you to the appointed place of His calling on your life.   Today, see your problems and challenges as God’s appointed ministers to bring you to the place of His will and destiny.

Adapted from:  The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn