Bring It Into the Light


In the book of James we are admonished that salvation is by grace through faith, but true faith produces action, obedience, and works.

Perhaps the hardest instruction James gives us to obey is the command to confess our sins one to another that we might be healed.  A lot of times people keep all their sins to themselves.  They don’t let anyone know who they really are.

When sin and demonic activity are exposed, they cannot continue.  This is why Jesus said through James that if you confess your sins one to another, you will be healed.  Just by bringing secrets to the surface and sharing them with someone who can pray with you about them, the cleansing process begins.  Through transparency, you and I are healed and made whole. 

Even though we need to use discretion with whom we share our lives, God wants us to be authentic.  He wants us to have someone in our life with whom we can be honest so anything the enemy wants us to keep hidden can be brought into the light.  By bringing it into the light, we can be healed.

From: Rivers of Revelation, by Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider