Circumstances Need Not Hinder


Circumstances, no matter how depressing, need not hinder growth in grace.

The Lord will never leave nor forsake any who endeavor to keep themselves unspotted from the world and from formal religiousness which hinders rather than helps in one’s walk with God.  There is no occasion to despair or become discouraged when one is assured of His approval.

            “If snowdrops, frail and delicate, can thrust a passageway

            Through barren ledge and bedded rock to greet the light of day;

            If fairest lilies grow among a cesspool’s mud and mire

            And keep their petals virgin-pure as gold tried in the fire;

            If honeysuckles have been seen to climb as icicles,

            And roses in December snow surmount these obstacles;

            Then there is no environment that men can ever face

            With handicaps that are too large for God’s sufficient grace.”     W. M. Czarasake

From:  The Daily Sacrifice, by H.A, Ironside