Days, Sometimes Years, of Preparation!


I have been pondering the humbling sensations God causes us to experience in preparation for use in His kingdom.

Moses was reduced to 40 years as a shepherd.  He had grown up as an Egyptian prince, with everything done for him.  Now as a shepherd he had to do everything for himself.  He was holding the very job he had been taught to despise.

God was preparing him for leadership.

            He learned the ways of the people he would be leading.

            He learned about life in the wilderness where they would be wandering for 40 years.

My personal comparison was the ten years I spent teaching in the elementary classroom after completing a doctor’s degree in School Administration, majoring in supervision and curriculum development.  Repeatedly I faced, “What are you doing teaching elementary school with that degree?”    While humbling, those years were preparation for founding and directing Center for Women’s Ministries.

Jeremy Taylor counsels, “Never be ashamed of your birth, your parents, your occupation, or your present employment, or the lowly status of any of them.  Be willing to endure whatever His will brings, to be content in whatever state you are in and be ready for change, when it arrives.”

God may use unexpected sources when communicating to us, whether people, thoughts, or experiences.   Be open to God’s surprises.