Desiring Divine Guidance


If we desire divine guidance we must humble ourselves before God and be submissive to His will.

We often pray that the Lord will lead us and show us the way we should go when actually what we have in mind is that He should endorse the plans we have already made.

This is always wrong.  True prayer does not consist in trying to persuade God to do what we want Him to do, or to endorse some plan we have already made.  It rather consists in submission to His will and a sincere desire to learn from Him the path He would have us take.  When we come to Him openly we can be sure He will guide us aright.

“Let Him lead Thee blindfold onwards,  Love needs not to know;

Children whom the Father leadeth  Ask not where they go.”           G. Ter Steegen


From: The Daily Sacrifice, by H. A. Ironside