Don’t Waste Your Wilderness


God prepared the Israelites to enter the Promised Land by having them spend forty years in the wilderness.

It wasn’t the most pleasant training ground, but it was their place of preparation. 

    In the wilderness they learned to rely on God as their provider.

    In the wilderness they literally saw God’s glory; cloud by day, fire by night.

    In the wilderness they were transformed as they saw God’s hand move in their behalf.

Look to the Lord during wilderness experiences in your life.  There are things He teaches us and does for us in the wilderness He can’t do when life is easier. 

God is using your wilderness season to bring about His purpose in your life, so don’t waste your wilderness.  Give thanks to the Lord today for the place you find yourself in, know that He is using this season to bring you into a bright future.

From:  Rivers of Revelation, by Kirt A. Schneider