Firstfruits of Heaven Before We Get There


God will give us the firstfruits of Heaven and the Heavenly life while we are here, preparing to go there.

These are signs of that which we believe by faith.  Every answered prayer, every moving of His hand in our life, every whispering of His voice, every providing for our needs. . . .these are firstfruits of the Promised Land. 

Every encouragement that you know came from Him, every guiding of your steps, every provision, every measure of unexplainable peace, every moment of Heavenly joy, and every touch of His Spirit. . . . these are the firstfruits given to you as an encouragement so that you won’t give up or give in to fear.  Press on, fight the good fight, take your inheritance.  All these things are just a taste of the blessings yet to come. 

Every answered prayer, and blessing from God are just promises of what is waiting for us!!! 

From The Book of Mysteries, by Jonathan Cahn