Great Hearts – Results of Great Struggles


When the black clouds gather most, the light is most brightly revealed to us.

When we are most cast down, it is then we are most lifted up by the consolations of the Spirit.   Trials make room for consolation.  Great hearts can only be made by great troubles.

As troubles mount God sends more consolation.  He empties us of our comforts and fills us with grace. 

We are often most happy in our troubles and during these times we have the closest dealings with God.  When all is going well, we can live without God and will try to do without so much prayer.  Once our benefits are taken away, we want God and are compelled to seek our Savior.

No prayer is half so hardy as that which comes from the depths of the soul through deep trials and afflictions.  They bring us to God and we are happier; for nearness to God is happiness.  Fret not over your heavy troubles for they elicit great mercies from our Heavenly Father.


Adapted from:  Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening