How Do You Pray?


These lyrics from Barbara C. Ryberg are thought provoking as to how we approach God when we pray:

            Some go to God in prayer as though they would be heard

            By merit of their earnestness, or power of their word;

            As though God did not want to bless, or to their crying heed,

            But might be influenced to hear if they could prove their need.


            Some go to God in prayer with broken bleeding hearts,

            Craving the peace and victory which He alone imparts.

            They lay their burdens down on shoulders that are strong,

            Then take them back upon their own and carry them along.


            Some humbly talk to God; confess their helplessness,

            And having laid their burdens down trust Him to do the rest.

            Such go away in peace and with the victor’s shout

           To watch with interest, and see how He will work things out."

From, The Daily Sacrifice, by H. A. Ironside