If Christ Had Not Come


Years ago a striking Christmas card was published with the title, “If Christ had not come.”

The card represented a clergy falling into sleep in his study on Christmas morning and dreaming of a world into which Jesus had never come.    There were no decorations in his house and no Christ to comfort, gladden and save.  There were no churches with spires pointing to Heaven.  Every book in his library about the Savior had disappeared.
At the ring of the doorbell, a messenger asked him to visit a poor dying mother.  He hurried to the home and as he sat down said, “I have something here that will comfort you.”  He opened his Bible to look for a familiar promise, but it ended at Malachi.  There was no gospel and no promise of hope and salvation.  He could only bow his head and weep with her in bitter despair.
Two days later he conducted the funeral service.  There was no message of consolation, no word of glorious resurrection, no open Heaven, only ‘dust to dust, ashes to ashes’ and one long eternal farewell.
Suddenly he woke with a start, a great shout of joy and praise burst from his lips as he realized “He Has Come and brings good tidings of great joy.”

From:  Streams in the Desert