Importance of Private Prayer


It is most important to keep the altar of private prayer burning. This is the very life of our relationship with God.

Our public prayers and family devotions borrow their fires from our private prayers.  Secret devotions are the very essence, evidence and barometer of vital and experimental religion.

Let your private prayer times be, if possible, regular, frequent, and undisturbed.   Effectual prayer availeth much.  Have you nothing to pray for?  Let me suggest:  THE CHURCH, THE MINISTRY, YOUR OWN SOUL, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR RELATIONS, YOUR NEIGHBORS, YOUR COUNTRY, and THE CAUSE OF GOD AND TRUTH AROUND THE WORLD. 

Do we engage with lukewarmness in private devotion?  Is the fire of devotion burning dimly in our hearts?   And If so, let us be alarmed at this sign of decay.  Let us set apart special seasons for extraordinary prayer.  If this prayer should be smothered , it will dim the fire on the family altar and lessen our influence both in the Church and in the world.

Let us attend to the other activities that feed our love and devotion to Christ but above all let us be much alone with Jesus.

From: Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon

 Note from Reova:  “I was convicted as I read this and was driven to extra prayer time, bringing before God all the areas from paragraph 2. Perhaps He will guide you to do the same.”