Jerusalem – Center of God’s Purpose


”Jerusalem is the most fought over plot of ground on the earth.

It has been reduced to ashes more than once and has been laid siege to over 20 times.  It’s been the ground of over a 100 conflicts.  No city on earth has been so fought over or the target of so much warfare.  Why? Because Jerusalem is at the center of God’s purpose.

It’s the place where His feet will touch the earth and the throne from which the kingdom of God will go forth.  All the conflict, the controversy, and the warfare itself is a testimony to Jerusalem, to what Jerusalem is – the central ground of God’s purposes on earth.  That’s why the conflict is so great.  Because the purpose God has for Jerusalem is so great.

And so too in your life and in the lives of all God’s children, . . . . as you do the will of God, there must be conflict, warfare and attacks.  Be encouraged.  It’s a sign of revelation by default, that you’re on the right path and what you’re doing will be of great effect and reward.  Don’t stop.  The greatness of the battle is only because of the greatness of God’s purposes for you. 

Don’t fear the battles.  Embrace them.  That which is good is worth fighting for.  Fight the good fight and you will prevail.”

From The Book of Mysteries, by Jonathan Cahn