Jesus – Numbered Among Transgressors


Our Lord Jesus was numbered with the transgressors in order that they might feel their hearts drawn toward Him.

Who can be afraid of one who is written in the same list with us?  He who is numbered with us cannot condemn us.  Was He not put on the transgressor’s list that we might be written in the roll of the saints?

He was holy, and written among the holy; we were guilty and numbered among the guilty.  He transfers His name from the Holy list to the transgressor’s list and our names are taken from the indictment and written in the roll of acceptance, for there is a complete transfer made between Jesus and His people.

All our estate of misery and sin Jesus has taken; and all that Jesus has comes to us.  His righteousness, His blood, and everything that He hath He gives us.  Rejoice that He was numbered among the transgressors so we could become new creatures in Him.

 From:  Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon