Jesus Was Tempted As We Are


Jesus was tempted into the very same sins into which we fall.

It is a dark room which you are going through but Jesus went through it before.  It is a sharp fight which we are waging, but Jesus stood foot to foot with the same enemy.
Jesus was tempted but Jesus never sinned.   It is not needful for us to sin, for Jesus was a man, and if one man endured these temptations and sinned not, then in His power we may also cease from sin.  There is no sin in being tempted, but there is sin in yielding to temptation.  The Lord Jesus, though tempted, gloriously triumphed, and as He overcame, so surely shall His followers also overcome.  Christ is with us, armed for our defense.
Perhaps we are tempted just now in order to drive us nearer to Him.  Ye tempted ones, come to your tempted Savior, for He can be reached with a feeling of your infirmities, and will succor every tried and tempted one.

From:  Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon