Jewish Contributions to the World


“Historically Israel and the Jewish contribution to the world has been devalued. Nations have sought to destroy the Jewish people but God’s hand has been upon them. Their contributions to humankind have been notable.

Apart from the writers of the Bible – all of whom were most likely Jewish – numerous Jews have made enormous contributions in their respective fields.

Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity; Jonas Salk created the first polio vaccine, and Baruch Blumberg discovered the origin and spread of infectious diseases.  Countless numbers of Jewish scientist, philanthropists, entertainers, and musicians have contributed to the world.

Jews comprise less than 0.2 percent of the world’s population.  Of the Nobel Peace Prize winners from 1901 to 2007, 22 percent were Jewish. 

 Of the 750 Nobel Peace Prize winners through 2007, Jews were awarded 13 percent of all laureates in literature, 26 percent in physics, 41 percent in economics, 2 percent in medicine, and 19 percent in chemistry.

Clearly apart from the greatest gift of Messiah, God has kept His promise to bless his world in countless other ways through His chosen people, Israel.”

From:   The Complete Jewish Study Bible