Just Keep Praying


This is a very moving true story from the prayer study Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson.

A pastor named Wayne shared this narrative.  His grandmother had twelve children.  After every meal she would go to her bedroom to pray for each one by name.  When she was dying, at age ninety-one, the children all gathered in the bedroom where she prayed.  Then she prophetically declared to her 12 children, “I’m going to die but the power of my prayers will come to pass in each of your lives.”

At the time of her death, six children were following Christ and six weren’t.  That was 15 years ago.  The tally is now ten yes and two no – maybe I should say in faith, not yet.  This is the story of how the tenth yes (the oldest child) came to Christ.

My grandmother’s oldest son is named Johnny.  A month ago, his next-door neighbor had a dream in the middle of the night about Johnny.  The neighbor felt compelled to invite him to church, and he accepted the invitation that Sunday, which happened to be Palm Sunday.  When he walked into the church all he could hear was his mother’s voice calling out his name in prayer.  The pastor asked if anybody wanted to put their faith in Jesus, and Johnny raised his 92 year-old hand.  He got baptized the next weekend on Easter Sunday.

Johnny’s mother passed away when he was 77 years old.  From the day he was born until the day she died, she prayed for him three times a day.  That’s 84,315 prayers for her son whom she will be one of the first people to greet him when he steps into eternity.

Whatever you do, don’t stop praying.