Ladder of Humility By Benedict of Nursia

9/25/2018 Listening to Him

“Everyone that exalts himself shall be humbled and he that humbles himself shall be exalted.” Matthew 23:12 Every exaltation of self is a kind of Pride.

Step 1   Reverence for God.  He sees all and even knows our thoughts,

Step 2   Doing God’s will – rejecting our own will and doing God’s will wins the crown.

Step 3   Obedience to others – because of our love for God, we submit to others in obedience.

Step 4   Enduring afflictions - those who have faith must bear every disagreement.  They that preserve unto the end shall be saved.

Step 5   Confession – We must confess all our evil thoughts and evil actions to the Lord.  He forgives.

Step 6   Contentment – Be content in all things.  We are to be content with the meanest and worst of everything.

Step 7   Self-reproach – believe that without God’s grace we are a reproach, humbling ourselves.  By this humbling we learn from God.

Step 8   Obey the rules of the construct by which we live – home, church, government.

Step 9   Silence – withhold our tongue from speaking until we are asked.

Step 10   Seriousness – not easily provoked to laughter, not foolish in behavior.

Step 11   Simple speech – speak with few and sensible words, gently, and not with a loud voice.  The wise man is known by the fewness of his words.

Step 12   Humble in appearance, not only humble in heart.