Love = Obedience


I think sometimes we get confused about what it really means to love God.

Sometimes we feel we love God because we’re singing a worship song, our hands are raised, and we’re feeling blessed by the beautiful worship music.  Our hearts may be moved, and tears may come to our eyes, but I want you to know that loving God is not foremost about experiencing His presence through worship.  People who really love God obey Him.

Jesus said, “He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me.”  He didn’t say, “He who loves me will shed tears during the worship service.”  It is awesome to be touched by God while in worship, but loving God is not first about feeling something.  Love is primarily a decision of the will, it is demonstrated through obedience.

Again and again in scripture loving God is linked to obedience.  Make being obedient the primary focus of your life.

From: Rivers of Revelation, by Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider