In the Old Testament, the cities of refuge were so arranged, that any man might reach one of them within half a day at the utmost.

The roads to the city of refuge were strictly preserved, every river was bridged, and every obstruction removed so that the man who fled might find an easy passage to the city.  Once a year the elders went along the roads and saw to their order, so that nothing might impede the flight of anyone, and cause him, through delay, to be overtaken and slain.  Whenever there were by-roads and turnings, there were fixed up hand-posts with the inscription upon them – “To the city of refuge!” 

This is a picture of the road to Christ Jesus.  It is no roundabout road of the law; it is no obeying this, that, and the other; it is a straight road: “Believer and live.”  It is a road so hard that no self-righteous man can ever tread it, but so easy that every sinner, who knows himself to be a sinner may find his way to heaven.

No sooner did the man-slayer reach the outworks of the city than he was safe.  It was not necessary for him to pass within the walls, but the suburbs themselves were sufficient protection.

Learn hence, that if you do but touch the hem of Christ’s garment, you shall be made whole.  If you do but lay hold upon Him with ‘faith as a grain of mustard seed’ you are safe.


From:  Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon