No Second Causes


The man of faith recognizes no second causes.

He takes everything as from the Lord, either directly or by His permissive will.  He can look up to God in every circumstance and count on sustaining grace in every hour of trial and testing.

They who wait upon the Lord, we are told, shall never be ashamed.  They run the race without weariness; they walk the rugged path without fainting.  For God has promised that they shall not want any good thing.  The soul that trusts goes on his way with gladness, looking to Him alone to meet every need.

“I look to Thee in every need, and never look in vain;

I feel Thy strong and tender love and all is well again.

Thy presence fills my solitude; thy providence turns all too good.”

Samuel Longfellow


From:  The Daily Sacrifice by H. A. Ironsides