Pruning Necessary for Fruitfulness


“Pruning removes the branches from a tree that hinder its fruitfulness or well-being, to allow it to become as fruitful as possible. Pruning is critical to living a fruitful life in God, so God prunes the lives of His children.

  1. Diseased branches are cut off.  Any action, course, or habit of sin in your life is a diseased branch and will hinder you from living a fruitful life in God.  Prune it off.
  2. Dead branches, once fruitful but no longer.  Any action or expenditure of energy in your life that produces no fruit, even if it once did is a dead branch.  Prune it off.
  3. Branches blocking sunlight from the most fruitful branches are hindering the tree.  Anything you do that keeps you from receiving from God, from dwelling in His presence and His Word is a hindering branch.  Cut it off.
  4. Branches that hang too low.  They stand for all the low pursuits, indulgences, and actions that drain away your time and energy from the higher things to which God has called you. Cut them all off.

By giving up you will gain.  Make it a continual practice and you will become spiritually healthy, strong, great and fruitful.  Prune yourself and you will bear much fruit.”

From The Book of Mysteries, by Jonathan Cahn