Resist Compromise


The scripture warns us against compromise and leading double lives.

The forms that compromise can take are not always overt.  Some people love God but also listen to music celebrating things that they know are wrong and watch movies that accent sinful behaviors.  These activities that encourage a lifestyle contrary to the Word of God are not inspired by the Spirit of God.

(Personal note from Reova - I well remember the day the Lord stopped me from reading a novel by Nicholas Sparks because of the unholy sexual activity.  I respect Nicholas’ giftedness in writing and had read several of his books but I had to take that one back to the library unfinished and have not been able to read anything else by that author.)

We need to practice fidelity in our relationship with God.  It is harmful to entertain ourselves with things that dishonor Jesus and do not draw us into a deeper relationship with Him.  He wants us to follow Him in the narrow way that leads to life.

From Rivers of Revelation, by Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider