Resistance That Helps You Grow


God calls each of us to grow . . .

to grow in faith, in righteousness, in love, in joy, in hope, patience, peace, perseverance, and godliness.  How do you do that?  By exercising resistance against that which would prevent growth.  Resistance makes you stronger in these things.  When you exercise the qualities of God against those things that prevent growth, you grow stronger.

So that which goes against love is the resistance that enables love to grow stronger.  When it’s hardest to love, and you love regardless, your love grows stronger.

When your circumstances are not conducive to joy but you rejoice anyway, your joy increases.

When it’s hardest to do what is right, but you do it anyway,

When it’s hardest to hope but you hope anyway,

When its hardest to be holy, but you turn down what is not holy,

When you feel like giving up, but you keep going,

When all hell comes against you but you shine with the light of heaven, that’s when you grow stronger in God and in all these things.

Embrace the resistance.  Seek out that which will challenge you, stretch you, grow you, and strengthen you in the Lord.

From Book of Mysteries, Jonathan Cahn