Shining in the Darkness


“The light of a candle shining in daylight is in harmony with its surroundings.

But the light shining in the darkness, is in marked contrast to its surroundings and against the darkness.  The candle in the day represents the believer who shines in the midst of Christians.  Its light blends in with the surrounding culture.  The candle in the night represents the believer who shines in the midst of an unchristian environment.  The surrounding culture stands increasingly in opposition to the light.  If you had a choice which would you rather be, a candle of the day or a candle of the night?

Being the candle of the day is easier but it is the candle of the night that changes the world.  The light that shines in the daylight can hardly be seen.  But the light that shines in the darkness can be seen miles away.  It is at the time when it is hardest to shine the light that it is most crucial that you do.  It is then that the light is most needed and most powerful.

Never fear the darkness, you’re a light.  Shine into it, especially into the night and you will light up the world.  Live today, and throughout this new year, as a candle in the night and don’t be intimidated by it.  Shine all the more brightly against this dark world.”


From: The Book of Mysteries, by Jonathan Cahn