Special Favor to God’s People


There are times with God seems to show special favor to His people who are walking in obedience to Him. I have experienced these times as well as times when God seems far away and not interested in the struggle that I’m experiencing. I savor these times of closeness and want to benefit from them all I can.

During these times:

  1.  It is easier to pray with peculiar power.
  2. The Spirit gives joy and gladness.
  3. The Scripture is open to you.
  4. God’s promises are applied.
  5. You have special freedom and liberty in devotions.
  6. There is more closeness of communication with Christ.

 When these times come we need to be ready for them.

  1. Be sure to develop your faith.
  2. Be more constant in prayer.
  3. Be more holy in conversation.
  4. Get rid of any evil habit while the Spirit is being especially powerful in your life.

 From:  Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon