Submission – A Reflection of God’s Plan


I have been reading a book by Carolyn Custis James. She has some important thoughts on Submission.

For some of us followers of Christ, submission is a real struggle; not only submission to God’s leading's but submission to authority, laws, spouses, and systems.  I want to share some of her thoughts with you:

Submission is not an occasional event.  It is a lifestyle.

Jesus version of submission is thoughtful, strong, purposeful and sacrificial.  It involves full and determined embrace of the Father’s will.

Submission is making a personal sacrifice for the benefit of others.  It is offering ourselves and our possessions to those in need.

Submission isn’t an act of mindless compliance, but an act of wisdom, strength, and determination.

Submission is a great power tool for changing human lives.

We were created to be like Jesus, and we can’t be like Him if we leave out submission!