Suffering – God’s Path to Greater Intimacy


God uses suffering to open our eyes to more of Him. When we are in pain, we may get the sense God has vanished from us. The opposite is true – God meets us in our pain.

Faith is fighting to survive and God’s goodness comes into question.  God uses suffering to engage us at a deeper level.  Through suffering God leads us on a descent into darkness, doubt, despair and foreboding.  Those mysterious places we would never go by choice, but where God inevitably leads us.

In the darkness we strain, searching for signs of Him.  We listen intently for the slightest movement that will tell us He is near.  In this dark place, in the middle of the mess, in the depths of our despair is where we discover things about God we could never have seen had we not experienced this darkness and disappointment.  During this time we come to acknowledge a deeper level of dependence on Him.

Despair and Hope travel side by side!

Adapted from the writings of Carolyn Custis James