The Blessings of Suffering


The mystery of suffering has perplexed many all down through the ages.

It is part of man’s sad inheritance because of sin having come into the world, and in this life the child of God is not exempt from pain, sorrow, and anguish.  However, the suffering of believers is all ordained of God to work out for blessing.

Through this ministry of suffering:

  1. We are enabled to understand better what our Lord went through for us.
  2. God uses suffering to keep us from sin.
  3. God uses suffering as a means of chastening and discipline, whereby we are made more like our blessed Lord.
  4. We grow in fellowship with Him.

“God would never send you the darkness if He felt you could bear the light.

But you would not cling to His guiding hand if the way were always bright.

And you would not care to walk by faith could you always walk by sight.

He knows how few would reach heaven at all if pain did not guide them there.”

From: The Daily Sacrifice, by H. A. Ironside