The Christmas I Loaned My Son From Guideposts Magazine in 1978


This appeared in our local newspaper:

  Is there any place where we can borrow a little boy three or four years old for the Christmas holidays?  We have a nice home and would take wonderful care of him and bring him back safe and sound.  We used to have a little boy but he couldn’t stay and we miss him so when Christmas comes – N.M.

For the first time since my husband’s death I thought of grief as belonging to someone else.  Months before, I had received word that my husband had been killed in service overseas.  Grief-stricken, I had taken my little son and had moved back to the village of my birth.

This particular Christmas the old pain was returning as I read the letter to the editor. We had a little boy but he couldn’t stay and we miss him so.

I answered the appeal.  The writer of the letter was a widower who lived with his mother.  He had lost his wife and his little son the same year.

That Christmas my son and I shared a joyous day with the widower and his mother.  But not only that Christmas, but many more,  Months later the man who wrote the letter became my husband.

Mrs. N. H. Muller