The Love of God. . . . .

10/3/2018 Listening to Him

“The Love of God is better than any earthly pleasure.

God loves you so much that it can’t even be described or contained .

The word love can’t be adequately expressed.

When you need mercy, He loves you with a merciful love.

When you need strength, He loves you with an encouraging love.

When you’ve been wounded, He loves you with a tender love.

When you need the love of a friend, He loves you as a friend.

When you need to be lifted up in His arms, He loves you with the compassionate of a loving father.

He loves you today, not with yesterday’s love, but with a love for today, a love that is new every morning.

You can never rest on knowing yesterday’s love or the love you have known before.

You must seek each day to know the love He has for you, the new love, the fresh love, the surprising love, the never-ending love.

It is that love, His love, that is better, much better than any earthly joy.

From Book of Mysteries, Jonathan Cahn