Uncaused Love


Love, pure, absolute, divine love is uncaused.

It exists, of its own and understanding what this means can change your life.  It is one thing to believe God’s love when you believe you’ve given Him cause and reason to love you.  It’s something else entirely when you’ve given Him no cause and no reason.  Love needs no cause or reason.  God needs no reason to love you.  He loves you because He is and love is. 

So in your darkest pit, in your most unworthy, undeserving, sinful and ungodly state, when you’ve given God absolutely no cause or reason to love you, He will love you still.  That amazing grace will change your life and allow you to manifest the miracle to others.

When others give you no cause or reason to love them and yet you love them, you’re manifesting that miracle.  When you love the unloving and the unlovable, you’re manifesting His love. 

Love is that which needs no reason, but gives reason to all things.  When you receive God’s love when there’s no reason for God’s love, then the love of God will give reason to your life.  Today, make it your aim to receive the love of God and love others the same way, with no reason or cause.

From: The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn