Unresolved Issues Bring Pain

9/25/2018 Listening to Him

“Every pain or negative emotion, unless physical related, is rooted in an unresolved issue or event in your life.

        70% of inner pain is rooted in unforgiveness

            20% is unresolved personal conflicts

            10% is everything else

(From Experiencing Spiritual Breakthrough, by Bruce Wilkinson)

The way you respond to suffering determines whether that hurt makes you better or bitter.  To be bitter is a choice.  When the root of bitterness springs up, it not only destroys inner peace but can also cause physical illness.  Bitterness defiles all it touches, beginning with the one who is bitter, but extending to other relationships.  The one embittered becomes enslaved to the one to whom the bitterness is directed.  (Notes in the Women’s Study Bible.)

 “Behind people’s grumpy poses and most puzzling defense mechanisms, behind their arrogance and airs, behind their silence, sneers and cause, Jesus saw little children who hadn’t been loved, and who had ceased growing because someone had ceased believing in them.” (The Ragamuffin Gospel, by Brennen Manning)