Waiting for Promise Fulfillment


For years I have been concerned about Christians who are praying for the salvation of a loved one.

Do they really believe that God is going to save them?  I have heard devout Christians say, “I don’t know if they will ever come to the Lord but I just have to keep praying.”  I’m sure some of this doubt has come because of what we believe about God’s gift to man of freedom of choice. 

To be assured of God answering our prayers, we have to be praying in His will.  Praying ‘In His Name’ is praying in His will.  We know praying for salvation of a soul is praying within His will.  He came to earth and gave His life for this. 

Charles Spurgeon confirms, “Christ is not only ‘Mighty to save”, (Isa. 63:1) those who repent  but He is able to make men repent.  He is mighty to give men new hearts and to work faith in them.  He can constrain the despiser of His name to bend the knee before Him.”

If you are praying for some loved one, do not give up praying for Christ is ‘mighty to save.’  You are powerless to reclaim the rebel, but your Lord is Almighty. You can rest assured that that wayward one will eventually come to Christ.  Even if it happens after you are gone, don’t give up, keep on praying.  Our God loves your rebel more than you do and He gave all to see him come to repentance.