Why Does God Delay?


Why does God delay? How often have troubled hearts asked this question!

fflictions abound, sorrows increase, difficulties surround on every hand.  In earnest prayer all these things are brought before the Lord.  Yet there is no apparent response.  Does He not care that His people are in such suffering and distress?  Far be the thought!  He not only cares, but He is ready to supply all needed grace for the trial, and when the hour has struck He can be depended upon to act in power, according to the need.  God’s delays are not to be interpreted as denials.  When we get Home, we shall understand why He seemed to tarry when we felt the need was so urgent.

“Count up the mercies of today, and discontent will flee away:

More calm and patient thou wilt grow, while from your lips thanksgivings flow.”

  1. A. Ironside