Wisdom from John Wesley


From his work, Christian Perfection

  1. Admitting our faults and errors does not hurt the cause of God, it will further it.
  2. Sins of omission are avoiding to do good when we have opportunity.
  3. Not many people can converse profitable beyond an hour.
  4. Do not let the desire for money, praise, or power rule you.
  5. Let others see you are not interested in any pleasure that does not bring you nearer to God.  John Wesley said, pleasure or pain, riches or poverty, honor or dishonor is all the same to him.
  6. Be patient with those who disagree with you.  Do not condemn those who do not see things just as you do.
  7. Beware of touchiness, testiness, or an unwillingness to be corrected.


I still have some development to achieve in some of these areas.