Bloomington IN CWM

Bloomington IN CWM
Address: 1201 West Third St Bloomington, In 47402
Phone number: 812.332.0845
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What To Expect:

No Secret Formula!
The Center for Women's Ministries is a place for healing the emotions and the spirit. The focus is on healthy relationships: one to another and one to Christ.

Often a person's hurts are too personal and too deep to share with someone they know or already have an established relationship with.

The Center for Women's Ministries provides complete confidentiality and a non-judgmental atmosphere, making it a safe place to begin to deal with those hurts.

Some need to be helped and some want to help others.

There is no secret formula, but there is the unconditional love of many caring volunteers: women helping women find a better way of life.

What we are Not
We are not professional therapists. We recognize that some women need the help of someone more extensively trained than we are. In these situations we refer from an approved list of professionals.

Though we are part of the universal church body, we are not a church. We want to provide a welcoming atmosphere for hurting women, whatever their religious beliefs or whatever their church affiliation. We encourage church attendance and have a Christian foundation for all our teaching. All women are welcome to our services.

Why Our Center is Needed

  • Breakdown of family support systems
  • High level of stress factors in our world today
  • Many times the pastor is a male and women may not feel comfortable sharing intimate details of their life
  • Overload on pastors for counseling
About Us:

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide peer counseling at no cost, support groups, Bible studies, prayer groups and educational opportunities in a non-judgmental atmosphere to women within the community.

Our Statement of Faith
We believe that in our brokenness we can come to know the love of God through Jesus. Because He lives, we can experience emotional and spiritual healing.

Our Vision Statement
Our vision is to serve as an integral social service in the community, improving the emotional and spiritual health of women in the area. We will acquire the necessary resources to minister to more women through professional level volunteers.

Our Purpose
To create an environment where non-judgmental listening, sharing, prayer support and encouragement can take place.

Upcoming Events:
  • Library is open Wed 11-3 PM for visitors.
  • Bible Study "The Bait of Satan" Guest speaker Chi Alpha Campus Ministry Jessica Rodriquez at Karst Park Wednesday August 19, 2020 12:30-2:00.
  • Please pracitce social distancing.
  • Bible Study "Keep it Shut" is coming in September.