Midwest Region Prayer April 24, 2020


The Midwest Regional CWM had a prayer meeting on April 24, 2020 via Zoom. (That is a miracle in and of itself.) The meeting was opened by reading from Jesus Calling the entry for April 22 which talked about our need to continually listen to God. Then each person who was given a ‘word’ shared with the group their thoughts, scripture support and a prayer. What an awesome time in the Lord! Each person has provided a summary of what they shared. I pray you will continue to ‘chew’ on what was shared.

1. WORD – Thankful – Lynette Schenk

The scripture I used was Psalm 100 and 1 Thessalonians 5:18

A song that has circulated in my head continually this past week is, “I Exalt Thee." I sing it over and over. I am thankful for the peace and joy that God has allowed me to carry through this chaotic time. I ask Him to open my eyes to His goodness and to help me carry my faith in such a way that others are attracted to Him, through me. To be honest, there are times when He has just blown me away. A week ago, there is someone I used to work with, she is in her mid 30's, married, has three young children. Her heart just stopped, her husband performed CPR, she went to the hospital, was put on a ventilator, they put a balloon pump in her heart....... and a week later she is up walking, talking..... not out of the hospital yet, but recovering in a way no one expected. THAT is God. 24/7 prayer chains were set up for her, the school had prayer in the hospital parking lot for her (everyone was 6' away from each other.), lots of social  media prayers, live prayer on Facebook ..... truly incredible. GOD WORKED A MIRACLE AND people connected to her, KNOW it WAS GOD!

My prayer is that we will all carry a heart of thanksgiving through this time of distance, disruption and discontentment.