“Story of God’s Glory”


“Last November, I came to visit my children in Chapel Hill where they studied and worked.

When I returned to our Fort Mill, NC home, I was told my husband died suddenly on his way to play tennis after work in China. It was a shocking message I got. After flying back to China with our children to have the funeral, I moved back to Chapel Hill area and lived with my children for a while.

It has been three months since my husband returned to heavenly home with Father. I was so thankful that God has prepared this center as I went through the sudden grieving stage of my life. Through Tuesday Bible study of Philippians, I found more strength in God’s words and I started the Bible study with my children at their home. Through Thursday Anger Workbook [group], I got a clear picture of anger emotions and being able to find my own problems in personal relationships. Also, through the peer counseling, I am gradually recovering from the pain of loss of my dear husband. God is merciful and faithful. Thanks to Him and the help from Abundant Joy CWM.”

-          Lihua