From Client to Volunteer


I met the ladies at Redeeming Love back in 2015 when I was going through a very tough time in my life. I had ignored past traumas and the emotions that went along with them for a long time, but they finally caught up with me. I had hit rock bottom in my life and had no clue where to turn.

A friend of the family suggested Redeeming Love CWM . My first visit was a turning point in my life. I had never been that open about the things in my past and had no clue how to process or even FEEL my emotions. The care, love, and concern that the ladies at Redeeming Love showed me turned my life around.

I believe God has a special purpose for each of us in this life, and I know God healed my heart through these amazing  women at the center. I have not only been able to process my past trauma and emotions but have learned the coping skills to better handle life's hardships. 

I'm currently training to be a volunteer counselor at the center I started out at. I hope that God will be able to use my brokenness as a stepping stone for someone else who may believe there is no hope. That's what is so great about these centers. They not only heal the women that come in broken and battered, but they supply them with God's armor to go out into the world and live a fulfilling life.