Selah CWM Missouri
Address: 1727 W. Jesse James Rd, Unit 14 Excelsior Springs MO 64024
PO Box: 144 Lawson, MO 64060
Phone number: 816-629-4388
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What To Expect:

At the Center for Women's Ministries in Excelsior Springs, we offer HOPE to hurting women through free one on one peer counseling for emotional and spiritual healing. Our peer counselors are all women who have walked through similar experiences as you, and have successfully regained their own emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  We can offer you a safe place to begin to heal your emotions and your spirit.

About Us:

The Center for Women's Ministries, Excelsior Springs, was founded in 2024 by a group of caring women who saw the need for Christian counseling in the Mid-Missouri area. We strive to create an environment where non-judgmental listening, sharing, encouragement and prayer support can take place.  We offer peer counseling, support groups, Bible studies and book studies.

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